Interstellar it is

Where do I think Interstellar stole from:

Matrix, Solaris (by A. Tarkowsky, soundtrack included, original Bach), The Dogs of Babel (book), 2001 of course, Mission to Mars, etc.


What’s in a satellite plane? (In Spielberg’s version it was the clue to Cooper finding NASA).

You can’t go through a worm hole and stay the same physical body.

There can be no radio signal “between the dimensions” because this is stupid.

Robots are machines, not a storytelling device or a compensation for bad writing. It is very convenient to have a robot to explain all the plot holes, of course. So screw that.

Where are normal human dialogues? The ones with subtle emotions and character’s inner life?

Murph just sends her father away a few moments after she met him after not seeing him her whole life?

How were we able to build space stations like the Cooper station just in one human’s life span time? We were struggling to produce food, right? But we were able to  build these? With 200 NASA employees?

Nonsensical messaging to and out of the the different “worlds”. If time es slower over there, how the messages reach NASA so soon and not in 15-20-50years? Where are the differences in time delay between the different world? Why the third act shows Jessica Chastain solving the puzzle in parallel time to her father (simultaneously)? In this movie, relativity is a mess.

Old-school video messaging. Old-School MS DOS computer screens. Not possible.

With the equipment they had no colony of 5000 eggs could ever be fostered by five people (5000 babies!)

Gravity does not “transcend” time.

Where is poverty in the world that is short of food and starving people? People stealing corn from Cooper (just an idea)?

Cooper dreams of a crash. What crash? What is the implementation of the episode? As so often in this movie – none.

“This is gravity.” Well, get the hell out of the house with a gravity anomaly. Save the kids.

Both watches show around the same time. They are used as a transmitter for the Morse code in the end. Let’s just change things, right? Just drop the cliff hanger. To hell with them.

NASA does not know where their best pilot is while planning the biggest and the most important mission in Earth’s history. Also, none seems to be nervous about it. Like it is a ping pong world championship.

The best thing about the space-time curvature is being a “ghost”, tossing the objects around.

A tessaract is.. well Google is your friend.

You land on a planet near a black hole. You know what it means because your are a “scientist”. And you almost drown.

The awakening from the cryogenic sleep does not imply cleaning your lungs off cryogenic liquid. Because people of this movie are half-dolphins (?).

People are told the Moon landing was a hoax to make them focus on farming. Because otherwise some of the farmers would get into their space shuttles and take off to Mars, probably?

Space travel has never been so easy. Probably that’s why see above.

“Hi, I’ve been waiting here on a space ship alone for 23 years, which were an hour for you. But I’m fine.” Really?

Cooper needs a tissue.

All in all, a very poor storytelling.